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Check Out the Trailer!

Eight contestants will go toe-to-toe in a writing competition to find the best literary artist. Check out the trailer and see if you have what it takes to become The Ultimate Author!

The Casting Call

The casting call for The Ultimate Author was a huge success. We have a dynamic group of aspiring and veteran writers vying for the position. Check out the competition above and you'll agree that we're on our way to finding The Ultimate Author!

We promiseyou'll enjoy the experience! 

"The Ultimate Author" 
(Taken from Sugar & Spice: The SpiceRackBooks Compilation)

You Be the Judge!

Think you've got what it takes to 
help find The Ultimate Author? 
Then click here to sign up as a 
guest judge. One person will be 
chosen to appear on one show.

Who's Your 
Favorite Author?



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